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Melbourne Federation Square Restaurants

Melbourne Australia features a melting pot of different customs and cultures, which reflects in its microcosm of eateries, be it cafes, bistros, bars or restaurants. Call it trendy, eclectic, even unconventional, Melbourne Victoria offers some of the world's most enticing culinary experiences.

This is where you can expect dishes ranging from hearty and filling, to spicy and hot, to traditionally classic, to the truly bold and adventurous. Whether you opt for Italian masterpieces, Spanish classics, Greek flamboyance or inexpensive, jovial Vietnamese, Melbourne restaurants are at their very best in Federation Square.

Connecting the CBD with the Yarra River, Melbourne Federation Square melts art, design, joviality and promenading into an enjoyable public arena. The expansive plaza with its scenic views of Melbourne's city lights and river life offers relaxation and free time, perhaps to make up your mind which of the twenty appealing eateries you will visit next.

Melbourne Federation Square restaurants range from gourmet snacks and wraps at the Jolimont Pleasure Garden, to organic traditional Japanese cuisine at the Chocolate Buddha, to a contemporary, comfy ACMI Lounge Café & Bar.

Riverland Bar and Café, Feddish Lounge and Dining Room, and Time Out Café are more examples of tempting Federation Square restaurants offering ambience, great food and hospitality.

Notable for its changeable weather, Melbourne is famous for its 'four seasons in one day'. Open 7 days a week, the Melbourne Visitors Centre, situated in the Federation Square, offers a useful service to plan your activities around the weather and to pick up a Melbourne map to view the forthcoming attractions in and around Melbourne.

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